Feedback From the Sneezing Author, Allergic to Writing

We don’t usually publish the follow-up comments we sometimes receive after Dr Carver has replied to a question from a reader, but we’ve decided to make an exception.

We don’t usually publish the follow-up comments we sometimes receive after Dr Carver has replied to a question from a reader. But when the psychogenic sneezer who wrote in a few days ago wrote again to describe being allergic to writing as a cosmic joke, we decided to make an exception.

Here is the reply from the sneezing author:

Well, that is the most insight I have ever had into it. Thank you very much. I didn’t expect such a thorough and thought out reply. I had no idea histamine could be released in that way. Mostly when I tell people about it they just shake their heads at me, chalking it up to my general weirdness.

I like your theory. I fits nicely. As for my allergy status, no I definitely have allergies. LOADS of them — but they mostly only surfaced within the past few years; extreme pollen allergies that make my nose itch like it’s full of fiberglass, and delayed food allergies, which is also odd. I’ve been dealing with the sneezing for much longer. And, to shave off the edges a little more and make it match up just that much closer, I have experienced it using pen and paper, or with nothing at all. Once or twice I’ve been left with no way to record it, and I just lived it. Thought it out and spoke the words in my head until I sneezed myself silly.

In a way it’s a very happy thing. I’ve always felt that the Universe was a cold unfeeling place, mostly because it doesn’t have a sense of humor. I’ve never actually witnessed or been the butt of a cosmic joke, but the very idea that I, as a person who has set her mind to describe in literature why the Universe is this way, should be allergic to writing is hilarious. I couldn’t have come up with a more ironic twist.

Well, science to the rescue, eh? Now that I know what I’m up against, maybe I’ll just start on a regimen of Claritin and see what happens.

Sincerest Thanks.

From Dr Carver, who answered the question, and from me — you’re very welcome!

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