I Took An Online Test — Am I Autistic?

Reader’s Question

A friend asked me to take this test online wondering what I would score and turns out it was a test about Autism. Average people with autism scored about a 35 out of 50, normal people scored around 16, and I scored a 40. I took the test again to be sure and it still came out the same. I remembered someone once asked my mom, when I was younger, if I had ever been tested for autism and she never had me tested. Having read more on it now made me see the similarities between me and people with autism. For instance, when I was a child I had almost no communication skills. My mom had a very diffifult time getting me to talk. I surpassed the other students in math and many other subjects. I had and still have poor social skills, if any. I have a problem where I count things all the time. It’s almost like a reflex that I can’t control.

I have a difficult time sitting still. I’m always moving something, especially my hands. I was wondering what you think about all of this.

Psychologist’s Reply

Your symptoms are unlikely to be associated with autism, as autism is quite disabling. Your symptoms and behaviors can fall into several other conditions however. My clinical “gut” impression is Tourette’s Disorder which often has the symptoms you report, especially the counting, uncontrolled body movements, and difficulty sitting still. The other possible diagnosis would be Asperger’s Disorder which would be consistent with the poor communication/social skills yet superior math or other skills.

Bottom line: Seek a professional opinion to clarify your situation. While internet tests are often helpful, they are not a diagnosis. I’d recommend consultation with a psychologist or psychiatrist. If you are diagnosed as having Tourette’s, we have medications that may help control the body movements. Start your search for a professional diagnosis right away.

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