Are There Psychology Schools for High School Students?

Reader’s Question

I don’t have problems right now but I was just wondering if there are any psychology schools for high school students? So instead of going to a normal school I could go to one of those schools. I would like to know if there is such thing. Sorry for not asking you a real psychology question.

Psychologist’s Reply

Any question about psychology is a real question. There are no psychology schools for high school students, that is, high schools that focus on psychology or use psychology as their major educational concentration. We do have high schools that have specific themes such as a military school or a high school for the arts (dance, music, theater, etc.). However, Psychology as a profession is involved in most high schools at some level. Some examples:

  • Almost all high schools have an Introduction to Psychology class. High schools also have classes that are useful in future careers in psychology such as biology, advanced math, and honors classes.
  • Many high schools have arrangements with local colleges and universities that allow honors students to attend high school and the university at the same time. Students with good grades can complete college classes in psychology while still attending their high school.
  • Through your psychology teacher and the school guidance counselor, high school students often explore their interest in psychology by attending career programs. I’ve given several talks to regional high school students who are interested in a career in psychology.

We don’t have psychology schools, but psychology is very much involved in high school. If you are interested in psychology as a possible career, make your interests known to the psychology teacher or guidance counselor. They can then help guide you to psychology opportunities in your high school and community.

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