Dr George Simon Joins Ask the Psychologist

Best-selling author and clinical psychologist Dr George Simon will shortly be bringing his unique perspective and years of experience to the Ask the Psychologist feature.

Dr George Simon, popular author of the best-selling book In Sheep’s Clothing and regular contributor to our main site blog, Psychology, Philosophy and Real Life, will be joining the Ask the Psychologist feature in the week beginning 6 April. We’ll shortly be re-enabling our usual address for submitting questions to Ask the Psychologist, but with over 100 questions submitted just in the few short days between Dr Carver’s last reply and the time we took down the address, there’s quite a backlog to work through. (Due to the high number of questions we receive each week, we’re unable to publish replies to every question which comes in.)

After publishing over 1200 replies during a span of nearly 2 years at the helm of the Ask the Psychologist feature, Dr Joseph M Carver, our Consulting Clinical Psychologist, has decided to step down from his extremely busy, front-and-centre role replying to questions submitted by our readers. On behalf of all of us at CounsellingResource.com, I’d like to thank Dr Carver for his years of exceptional dedication to the task of answering readers’ questions. We are all very grateful for his work in this area, and we’re also glad that he’s still with us as a valued member of our International Advisory Board.

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