Have You Been Waiting to Ask…? We’re Open Again for New Questions!

We’re still working through a backlog of questions submitted during the last few weeks, but I’m glad to say we’re now able to start accepting new questions again.

In case you’ve been waiting to send in a question to Ask the Psychologist, I’m glad to say we’re open again for new submissions.

Please remember that we’re not able to publish replies to every question which arrives — there just aren’t enough hours in the day for us to manage that. And with the backlog of questions remaining from the last few weeks, there may be a delay of several days before we can get to new questions submitted from today.

But you can be certain that every question which gets sent in does receive serious consideration for publication, and a great deal of effort goes into handling as many as we reasonably can. Having published over 1200 replies during the last couple of years, the Ask the Psychologist column remains one of our most popular, thanks to you. So if there’s a question you’ve been waiting to ask, just click on the link in the sidebar — we look forward to hearing from you!

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