Replies by Psychologist Dr Mélisande Holohan, PsyD

Photo of Dr Mélisande Holohan, PsyD

A licensed psychologist in California and Colorado, Dr Mélisande Holohan’s clinical work has focused on child, adolescent, and family psychology, with a specialty in family health psychology. She did her pre- and post-doctoral clinical work at the Oakland Children’s Hospital, where she served as chief resident of the Department of Psychiatry. Most recently she worked with adolescents in a residential treatment program for girls with severe eating disorders. Mélisande’s areas of special interest include the psychology of illness, death, and dying. She has particular experience with children who are either ill or coping with a parent’s illness. Mélisande currently resides in Colorado with her husband and two young sons, who continue to educate her about child development.

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