Replies by Psychologist Michael Wiederman, PhD

Photo of Michael Wiederman, PhD

A professor of psychology at Columbia College, a women’s college in South Carolina, Dr Wiederman received his doctorate in clinical psychology from Bowling Green State University in Ohio. After a predoctoral internship at the University of Kansas School of Medicine-Wichita, he completed a postdoctoral fellowship in the eating disorder program there. He regularly teaches courses on personality, psychological disorders, sexuality, and counseling theories and techniques.

Dr Wiederman has published more than 200 research articles and book chapters on a range of topics, including sexuality, disordered eating, gender, body image, and personality pathology. His most recent books are Study Less, Learn More: The Complete Guide for Busy Students and Transcending the Personality Disordered Parent: Psychological and Spiritual Tactics (co-authored with Randy Sansone, MD). Learn more at his website

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